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Government releases 'The UK Cyber Security Strategy.'

The UK government released its 2011 Cyber Security plans to protect and promote the UK in a digital world.

The new strategy reports to increase its focus on cybercrime, and place a spotlight on maintaining the economic and social prosperity found in the cyberspace.  It's clear to see that Whitehall is definitely moving in a positive direction in terms of getting to grasps with these ever-growing complexities of our global produce.  From the sights of it, it's not going to be easy; but it's a long-term set of tasks and incentives that will benefit both private and public sectors.

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Defense Department: Cyber-attacks may provoke military response

Well if there's one thing to take for certain in this situation: Hackers < Guns.  While phones are being tracked and social network attitudes are being monitored, The Pentagon has declared when other options to tackle cyber-attackers prove ineffective they will turn to military action.  This comes from a report made public on Tuesday, stating that internet-based attacks upon US governmental, military or economical bodies will receive the same counter-offensive force as it's tangible attack counterparts.

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