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'Tinder.' New App Streamlines The Dating Process To 'Hot Or Not' Basics

We're all used to the notion of online and mobile dating by now; OKcupid,, eHarmony, the list continues to grow. To some extent, it makes sense -- modern life is becoming more and more hectic with most people working longer hours, and many no longer have the time to have relationships grow organically. But Tinder, a new dating app for your phone, has refined the art down to a basic "hot or not" principle.

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From The Guys Who Brought You 'Date A Gamer' Comes Shag A!

From everyone's favourite gamer dating site (not entirely verifiable) Date A Gamer comes a new match-up website dedicated to just one thing: bringing together geek gamer boys and girls for, in their own words, a “quick shag”. Chivalry really might be dead...

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