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'Soladapt Touchscreen Overlay' Hands-On. Turn Any Screen Into A Multi-Touch Display

Soladapt's Touchscreen Overlay presents the unique and cost effective opportunity to experience the full functionality of touch-based UIs like Windows 8.  Simply put, it's a pane of toughened glass you put over the front of your display and plug in via USB, giving you Touchscreen capabilities.

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The MorpHex spherical robot crawls; but doesn't quite roll...yet

Norwegian engineer Kåre Halvorsen has developed the MorpHex robot sphere prototype that reminds us somewhat of a Metroid morph ball mixed with the design ethic of a Portal turret.

The robot has six retracting legs that allow for dancing and some rather fluid, sort of artistic movement that reminds you of the swelling and fading waves of a stock screensaver on your computer.  However, as the spherical shape would initially have you presuming, it doesn't roll yet.

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