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'We Know Your House' Shows How Many People Reveal Their Home Address On Twitter

It's fair to say people have used social media to the point of realising exactly what they should or shouldn't share for the sake of their online safety.  But that doesn't seem to have stopped people revealing their home addresses, as the social experiment demonstrates.

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Nottingham-Based Web Agency Sponsors Magento Developer's Paradise

If one mentions a three day party in Ibiza, the images you can’t help but conjure up are ones of drunk, sun-burnt teenagers drinking fluorescent coloured liquids until they pass out.  However, somewhat defying all stereotypes of those who party in Ibiza, the island is playing host to Magento Developer’s Paradise conference, with the promise this year will bring “lots of code and fun in the sun.”

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Facebook Announces App Center. Facebook Phone Finally On The Way?

Facebook has just announced App Center, a replacement for the old Apps and Games hub users used to find Facebook apps. Mobile Facebook users will now be able to directly download Facebook apps from Facebook for the very first time. HTML5 web apps, which don’t require a traditional installation, will be available from App Center itself.

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'Focus on the User' retools Google Social Search to work with all networks

Engineers from Facebook, Twitter and Myspace have banded together to "Focus on the user:" a project that reworks Google's social search update to include all social networks instead of it's own.

So as Google released Search Plus Your World to coincide with their social networking service, people realised that this wasn't exactly 'social' and it wasn't really 'your world.'  As we made rather clear, for this to be seen as a social search it needs to be open, and that's exactly what this developed bookmarlet does.

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An Interview With Vivec Entertainment

Horror not only remains relatively untapped within the videogame industry, the sheer scarcity of genuinely frightening horror games is quite alarming.

While the spine-tingling genre tropes remain one of the most popular cinematically – it seems we're treated to another 'Scariest Film Of [Insert Year Here]' movie every other week – there is just a handful of truly memorable, scary experiences on this side of the interactive spectrum. Of course, they're certainly there if you look for them, beneath the copycat military FPS clones and third-person space marine shooters - we're talking Doom, Call of Cthulu, Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Condemned, F.E.A.R, Amnesia – but nevertheless it's a sad state of affairs when one of the most visceral, unnerving and engaging genres still sits largely absent from store shelves.

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