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Life and death through the eyes of an iPhone is dizzy and depressing

On average, you pick up your smartphone to complete tasks 221 times a day. For things from checking Facebook in the morning, sending Snapchats during work meetings to express boredom, to taking pictures of your food for Instagram and far too many selfies, it pretty much goes everywhere and does everything with you. While completing these tasks is a great experience for you, how do you think your iPhone feels about it?

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'Portrait of the Ghost Drummer.' Music turned into visual art


We look at a drummer, and see a more audible form of art.  Sure the person operating the percussion instrument is present, in a storm of drum sticks and sweat; but it's the rythmic intonations, and the harder emphasis on key strikes of the drums that grab the attention.

That has now come to an end, as Polish artist Obaide developed a new form of digital art, which tracks the sticks of a drummer in motion and creates an intriguing line pattern, showing the aftermath of just how much movement the tempo keeping-percussionist actually makes.

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