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Don’t Take Digital Life Seriously, You’ll Never Get Out Alive

I - a self-confessed futurist and technology obsessive - am going to tell you to turn off the very device on which you’re reading this and say “no” to living a completely digital life. Trust me, your mental faculties will thank you for it.

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'The Tweet Hereafter' Documents The Final Tweets Of The Recently Deceased

Thanks to Social Media, your "famous last words" can be chronicled as the final sign-off of your online and physical life.  As human beings, we are only beginning to explore what happens to your digital life when you die; but a project titled 'The Tweet Hereafter' explores this with a collection of the last tweets ever posted by "notable, newsworthy, famous, or infamous people."

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What Happens To Your Digital Life When You Die?

The after-thought of your mortality: all of your social profiles and cloud stored items create the sum of one digital personification of the self.  What happens to this when you die?

This has been something that Life Insurance Finder have been exploring rather thoroughly recently, and after releasing their blogazine on the matter not too long ago, they've delved further into the matter with a video infographic.

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