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'Light At The End Of The Tunnel' Explained. The Science Behind Near Death Experiences

Many people claim to see a bright light at the end of a tunnel on their deathbeds.  Those of us with religious beliefs see this as the light of heaven; but researchers have discovered new evidence that proves otherwise, claiming these visions may be caused by Electrical surges in the brain.

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'The Tweet Hereafter' Documents The Final Tweets Of The Recently Deceased

Thanks to Social Media, your "famous last words" can be chronicled as the final sign-off of your online and physical life.  As human beings, we are only beginning to explore what happens to your digital life when you die; but a project titled 'The Tweet Hereafter' explores this with a collection of the last tweets ever posted by "notable, newsworthy, famous, or infamous people."

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Internet Explorer 6 is dying. Microsoft makes cake and merchandise to celebrate

After a decade, usage of decade-old IE6 in the US has dropped below 1%.  This is now what Microsoft wants: they really does want it to die, making cakes, t-shirts and mugs to celebrate it's final steps towards the grave.

The Redmond-based company made a website in March 2011 to countdown the last few percent of usage, called (rather appropriately) IE6 Countdown.  Since then, usage has dropped to 7.7%, down 12% since the launch of the countdown.

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Google denies reports that Google+ is dying

Reports of Google+'s death were greatly exaggerated according to Google, claiming to the BBC they they're just getting started

This comes in response to a Forbes article "A Eulogy for Google Plus", a piece in Slate: "Google+ is dead," and the general opinion circulating that seems to be we got a Google+ account; but don't really use it anymore.

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Editorial: Spotify is not winning with Facebook Open Graph

So Facebook released it's first batch of early results for the Open Graph integration into social music apps.  While the numbers maybe positive (I pick on Spotify because they are absolutely crushing the competition in terms of numbers, probably because users are forced to login with Facebook), this is merely a quantitative result, whereas more qualitative data (meaning my opinion) would beg to differ.

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