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'PaperTab' Flexible Tablet Prototype Aims To Replace Paper

Flexible displays are commonplace when it comes to conceptual technology; but Plastic Logic, Queen's University and Intel Labs have stepped closer to making this a reality with the PaperTab

Using flexible e-paper technology with touch sensitivity, these 10.7-inch plastic displays are strongly interconnected via the desk they are placed on.  Each display shows a different app (naturally), representing a 'digital' stack of papers.

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Podcasters Out To Troll Fifty Shades Of Grey With Crowd-Sourced Sex Novel

The staggering success of erotic novel Fifty Shades Of Grey is one sure to baffle reading trends analysts', let alone this twenty-something male. But for two US podcasters, the rise in popularity of the sex novel just had to be exploited...

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Apple Fires Back At Amazon For Acting Like Apple

On Thursday, two days after the Justice Department launched a lawsuit against Apple and various big book publishers for alledations of ebook price fixing, the tech company have responded saying they have done nothing wrong, and slammed Amazon for their "monopolistic grip" on the market at the same time.

Hypocriticism?  Yes.


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