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Here's What Jupiter Would Look Like If It Was The Same Distance From Us As Our Moon

Space is massive, we get it. In fact, to us as humans, trying to get even the faintest inclination of the scope and size of our own solar system, let alone the universe or the milky way, is a task inconceivably difficult. To make sense of it all, there's a treasure trove of information, diagrams and visualisations out there that give us a remote idea of how enormous space and its respective planets truly are. But even so, few can match this picturesque effort by Redditor jb2386.

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Astronomers conclude Earth has a second moon

A study conducted by Cornell University astronomers has concluded that Earth must have a second moon, calculated via counting the population of "irregular natural satellites that are temporarily captured by Earth."  This has also been backed up by a sighting of one of these 'orbiters' by the Catalina Sky Survey in Arizona.

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