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Is This Really The Samsung Galaxy S III? 'Tinhte' Goes Hands-On

Before you all cry foul that yet another Samsung Galaxy S III alleged leak has been spotted and feel implied to scroll further down this page for a link to the next story, hear me out here. Now I'm as tired of ill-informed rumours as the next man, but this might well be the most authentic early look at Samsung's long-awaited follow-up to the crazily-popular Galaxy S II. Still two weeks from its official reveal, Vietnamese site has had extensive hands-on time with what it claims to be the S III, and has posted a rather thorough demonstration video online.

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Samsung To Unveil The Galaxy S II’s Successor On May 3rd

Given the hugely positive reception and the unbridled success of the Galaxy S II, which had accumulated 20 million units sold by February 2012, the S III fire has been burning brightly for quite some time now. In the past few months, we’ve seen mock-ups of the smartphone’s ‘final’ design – usually replete with some monstrously-large gleaming screen (the Galaxy Note?) and little to no buttons of any kind – allowed ourselves to become overly-excited by the round of rumours circulating the inter-tubes, and even seen what many considered to be the finalised spec sheet. Now, we have a set-in-stone date for it to be unveiled to the public.

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