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#NRMPresents Max Weber - Interview With A Glitch Artist

Max Weber was born near Stuttgart, Germany in 1990. After an intership at a local design agency he became interested in the underlying structures that make up a brand, logo or concept. Combining his passion for music and sound with his design experience, he started studying audio design.
Although he is curious about a multitude of subjects, Max's primary interest is in the procedures at work behind art forms. Aside from Databending, Max also produces electronic music, predominantly influenced by Techno. He recently allowed me to interview him, after I discovered his work through Reddit. 
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LiveJournal: Behind The Scenes Drama Isn't Restricted To Facebook

You may not have even heard of Livejournal: a blogging site that's been active and popular for over a decade now. But it ranks above The Daily Mail Online and even Reddit in the Alexa 500, and it's a social network that I've been a part of before Facebook was a twinkle in Mark Zuckerburg's eye. 

Everyone knows the drama behind the creation of Facebook (or at least David Fincher's version); but the drama that surrounds the ownership of of LiveJournal is a bit more hidden. Like any company, LiveJournal was founded, bought and sold several times but in 2009 current owners, SUP Media moved the company from San Francisco all the way to Russia.

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A Spooky Sensation: Carrie

Walking into my local charity shop the other day (on the hunt for some cheap Halloween attire) I came across a very bland and old fashioned salmon pink dress, very popular in modern day trends I think. The girl in front of me wanted to purchase it, but stated that she had no money on that particular day and would return for it tomorrow. Upon arrival the next day she discovered it lavished in ‘blood red’ paint, and saw the label now stated “CARRIE” in large letters. No doubt you could imagine the horrors the girl felt when she saw the tarnished dress, but in reality the horror came to me.

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An Interview with Brad Hansen

You may know him more for two particular viral videos that go by the names of 'The Lion King Rises' and 'WALL-ETHEUS.'  With the rather novel idea of syncing the audio of all-new movie trailers to the scenes of those that fit in an almost oxymoronic way, Brad Hansen has recently received massive viral success.  

Surpassing a million hits within seven days, we had to talk to him and find out more.  How does he create these mash-up trailers?  What else does he do besides these creations?  And just how does one connect a children's film with the audio of something less...youthful?  


As Brad allows us insight into the conceptualising process, "First I find a new trailer that people are really interested in. Then I just think about what characters, themes, and visuals seem to match up well, that would make an interesting counterpoint. If I can also think of a clever title spoof, then I know I'm in good shape!"

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An Interview With Shed Muzak

Take a moment to purvey YouTube's 'Music' category and there's considerable odds that you'll stumble across one of two things. The first of which will be all-too-familiar with regular viewers of music videos on the video-sharing website: the presence of VEVO and traces of the music monopoly it has built through the site. The second is the wealth of renditions of popular music by artists largely unknown outside of subscriber-bases and online fans. Shed Muzak might very well fit into the latter category, but it'd be remiss to take the group for granted as yet another band whom methodically recreate songs word-by-word, beat-by-beat, such is the large proportion of videos therein.

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