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Humanity is safe. This video of high-tech robots falling down is the funniest thing you'll see today

The DARPA Robotics Challenge has been fascinating to watch, but one of my main concerns (as is evident in most robotics stories) is how close are we to a Terminator-esque extinction of the human race? Based on this video of robots falling over quite comically, turns out the apocalypse is not here yet.

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It's Pronounced "JIF" Not "GIF." Inventor Reminds Us How It's Pronounced

In 1987, Steve Wilhite created the GIF (or Graphics Interchange Format).  Sixteen years later, he accepted a lifetime achievement award at The Webby Awards, using a GIF for his acceptance speech to confirm, once and for all, that it's pronounced "JIF."

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Tweet complaints about presents received show us Christmas spirit is dead

Christmas was a thoroughly cheerful, festive time for the majority of us.  The exception would be the people who didn't get what they want, going to Twitter to publicly exclaim their ungrateful disappointment: hating life, parents and all things Christmas.

We would say 'quit your bitching;' but they are downright hilarious, as comedian Jon Hendren’s Twitter account has been retweeting some of the best outcries.  The good majority of these have been complaints around not getting an iPhone or an iPad, others didn't want Kindle Fires, some even had the audacity to moan about not getting a car!

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Save yourself from Facebook 'Frape' with this contractual agreement

Simple criminality encourages one to tamper with a friend's Facebook profile when left open.  This recent phenomenon can be counteracted, as Martyn Kelly has drawn up a contract forbidding such acts against each other.

The semi-legal contractual agreement extends to all of the following:

Monkeyshines, gambols, rollicks, gags, deceptions, actions known in the vernacular or plebian languageas 'frape,' 'fraping' or 'frapeage', and thus extended to all devices, physical, digital & supernatural, networks platforms.

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Virgin media programme guide hits an 'unnecessary censorship' glitch

Virgin Media's electronic programme guide's profanity checker hit a glitch recently, overzealously censoring different words within the titles of TV and radio programmes.

Taking a little too much inspiration from the Unnecessary censorship videos on Youtube, subscribers experienced the glitch over the past 3-4 days, as tipped off by some of our readers, watching such fantastic programming as "Jarvis C**ker's Sunday Service" and The Bleak of the Old Shop Of Stuff, a spoof of the writing of "Charles D**kens."

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Martin says its jetpack is practical. Proven with poorly rendered animation

So Jetpacks, for all their impressive prestige for Nazi combat and general procrastination, they haven't been seen within the wider public agenda than the tech followers (people beyond we enthusiastic readers) as applicable to other situations.  But Martin wants you to know about that they're actually useful.

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