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CES 2019 Preview - 5 Key Trends Defining The Future Of Consumer Technology

Another year, another CES defining the future of technology. What does the future human have to look forward to in 2019? Here are five key trends to look for at CES 2019.

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Microsoft predicts a future of giant displays and thin bendable tablets

Microsoft has big visions for the future. If you've followed any of their previous videos, you'll know they mostly surround big screens a bendy tablets. Well in what is their "productivity future vision," the software developer has looked five-10 years in the future to a world of holograms, super thin tablets and 3D printers.

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Concept Video Shows Future Applications Of Google Glass

Now that Google Glass is out in the public, what does the future hold for the device?  Will we as a society accept this device, and what apps would we use?  Toronto-based creative agency Playground Inc. has answered this question with a concept video that envisions what we may be using Glass for in the coming months.

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Civilization II Played For Ten Years. Humanity's 'Nightmare Of Suffering' Revealed

The world has always been predicted to come to a rather horrifying demise due to various different acts of tyranny by the human race.  While we may have listened and ignored in the past, one redditor and his decade-long playthrough of Civilization II has made us think differently.

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NASA Budget Highlights

Last Monday NASA held a conference call to go over their budget for the 2013 fiscal year. The conference call, attended by members of the press and prominent Twitter users, inadvertently managed to highlight just how much trouble NASA is in.

In the midst of trying to put a positive spin on recent budget cuts and unrealistic Congressional mandates NASA officials awkwardly tried to engage with social media (the communications director opened the program by Tweeting a grainy photo of the attendees) and paint a rosy picture of what is going on with the federal agency; all the while managing to perfectly illustrate what is wrong with the American space program today. 

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Editorial: Apple's Post-PC vs Amazon's Post-Web computing

So Wired published an insightful interview with Amazon's Founder Jeff Bezos, discussing all things content consumption, cloud computing, consumer culture disruption and an odd side-track about his financial pledges into public space travel.  The bit that formulated opinion is where he starts to discuss the Kindle Fire as more than just a competitor to the iPad.

This pushes forward the two competing concepts of how computing should be done, aforementioned in the title.  The Post-PC device, as predicted by Steve Jobs and the general trend of products from Apple is to be the new "car" when Personal Computers become trucks.  On it's lowest base: Post-PC devices rely on new input / output methods and allow a new population of non-expert users to use the product more cheaply and simply.  There is a focus on the OS, the experience is centralised around the device, and content is downloaded to the device.

The Post-web device is something that is best demonstrated by the Kindle Fire: a culmination of the services that Jeff has accrued over his illustrious 15 years.  Taking the concept of computing up into the cloud, streaming media, taking the focus off the OS and the hardware, instead forming a more literal definition of a window to your content.

This has presented two interesting concepts for the future of computing, both have a bright future for sure; but which would be of preference in a world where many only choose one?

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