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Pointless Sexism Of The Day: SomNote is 'Evernote For Women'

If, like me, you're a girl who just adores her gadgets and gizmobops, then there's a new App especially for you! Full of pretty colours and a whole host of features that you can get on only hundreds of other Apps, SomNote is the only way to sync notes and photos to the cloud without you getting your pretty little head all a flutter with big words, pictures that don't have smiley faces and sentences that don't end with exclamation marks!

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How Tech Companies Are Turning Planned Obsolescence Into Planned Success

Planned obsolescence is far from a new idea in the world of consumer electronics – GM Motors were the first to introduce it to us in the 1920s, home-owners have been cursing the life-cycle of their washing machines ever since – but it’s becoming ever more of a distraction, at least for myself, where yearly release schedules contradict the hyperbole that works its way around the tech world, immediately following a press conference for the next big thing. Technology is no longer built to last.

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