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'HoneyMap' Shows Where People Are Being Hacked In Real-Time

Many stories are heard across the globe of people having their sensitive online data compromised; but this vast number of hacks you see and read about, it's been difficult to realise the vast size and scale of how many malware infections there are.  This is where 'The HoneyMap' comes in, showing the location of both the victim and culprit in said cyber attacks, all in real time.

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Lost For 25 Years, Indian Man Finds His Mother Using Google Earth

In 1986, a young Indian boy by the name of Saroo Brierly was working as a sweeper on India's trains. On one fateful night, he'd make a mistake that would go on to determine not only the rest of his childhood, but a substantial portion of his life. It was a sequence of ill-fortuned events that led the then five-year old Saroo over 1,000km from home and his family, to the impoverished slums and crowded streets of Calcutta. It took him 25 years and the help of Google's virtual globe to find his way back home...

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