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Graphene Transistors Created by DNA

You can probably draw a lot of comparison between Graphene and Uranium; when they were each first discovered they were the wonder material that promised to unlock the mysteries of the universe. The problems came in actually figuring out how to control and utilise the materials themselves. Uranium is inherently dangerous but has the potential to be the replacement of coal and other fossil fuels. Graphene may not be dangerous but it is equally unwieldy to control and to produce.


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'Wearable' Tech One Step Closer To Reality After Material ‘Breakthrough’

Imagine having a smartphone interface on your sleeve, or a touch-screen MP3 player carefully woven into the fabric of your t-shirt. Wearable technology is getting ever nearer to becoming reality after a team of researchers from the University of Exeter revealed an innovative new material adapted from graphene that they’re calling ‘GraphExeter’ (you see what they did there?) and what they claim is, being just one atom thick, “the most transparent, lightweight and flexible material ever for conducting electricity.”

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