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The Hangover Part III Review

Remove all expectations. The Hangover Part III is not the movie you expect.

After an explosive first movie, and a disappointing retread of the same formula (that is unsurprisingly ignored throughout Part III), the Wolfpack returns for its grand finale.  This bittersweet conclusion brings with it a mash-up of genres and tone, while avoiding the use of an actual Hangover to drive the plot.  It brings a significant amount of change to the formula, which many critics have not been comfortable with.

If you are to view the general consensus, critics have not been the biggest supporters of this change to say the least (average Metacritic score of 38).  But while I can understand their problems with this complete departure from their original formula, this is an issue of perception rather than with the film itself.

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Scientists Researching A Drug That Will Keep You Sober

Like the regular twenty-somethings we are, we have to admit we're not averse to the odd night out on the town. But if there's one down side to getting merry on the juice, like any binge drinker will tell you, it's the dreaded hangover the next day that makes it all seem pointless, ill thought out, superficial if you will – besides the notes in your wallet somehow miraculously disappearing in the night.

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The Hangover: Part III To Begin Shooting In Summer… If Brad, Ed and Zach Get Their Big Pay Rises

The Hangover: Part III is on the cards for a shoot this summer for a May 2013 release… That is if Warner Bros. and lead actors Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis can come to an agreement over their pay to reprise their headlining roles atop the R-rated comedy franchise. According to the Hollywood Reporter, deals have been stretched out for months, though a final agreement between studio and actors is expected to take place soon.

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