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BBC Celebrates 90 Years Of Innovation By Asking 'Where Next?'

The BBC has become iconic in British culture and worldwide media.  To celebrate over 90 years of innovation, they have launched a new campaign telling the story of broadcasting, engineering and technological progress since 1922.

The 60-second launch film shows a timeline throughout the Beeb's broadcasting history, using archive footage of highlight significant milestones and moments in television.  Combine this with a mixture of animation techniques and an original musical composition formed from non-instrumental sounds, including finger-tapping, footsteps, heavy-breathing & singing, and you have something that sums up the corporation rather nicely.

"The BBC is innovating for everyone and we hope this powerful untold story will capture the imagination of audiences and make them wonder…'where next?'"  Philip Almond, Director of Marketing and Audiences said.

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Infographic: A History of Western Typefaces
We've always seen ourselves to be fans of Comic Sans, which always brings us great pain whenever we hear such hatred of it; but we see it clearly in the historybooks of modern typography, and are then disgusted to see the Ban Comic Sans website.  It's an insult to what is an under-appreciated font.  Guess you can take a look at all these other fonts in one of our favourite infographics of the moment, courtesy of Mashable. 
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Infographic of the day: The History of Beer
So after various Twitter debates and blogging I like to sit down with a Beer, and I'm pretty sure many of you do too.  But what about the history of the wonderful beverage?  Where did those drinks on tap and reduced in price for the masses on a student night actually originate?  Find out in our Infographic of the day, courtesy of 600series design.
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Infographic of the day: A Costume for every era

Struggling with what to wear for Halloween?  Your choice of attire to Halloween at Rock City being a brain-teaser?  Facing a writers block-esque sensation of selecting appropriate costume for the Lincoln Halloween weekend befuddling you?  We'd like to help!  Here's a costume for every era of history all the way up to the 2010s, courtesy of Halloween express.

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