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Hitachi Unveils Quartz Glass Storage, Capable Of Preserving Data For "Millions" Of Years

We’ve seen it in the films and on the shows, but now ‘storage crystals’ may very well be possible. Hitachi has produced a long term storage medium out of quartz glass slides that they claim can survive any doomsday event and keep the data stored on them for tens of millions of years.

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The Japanese Robot That Helps You Find Lost Things

Whether it’s losing your car keys just as you’re ready to step out the door to work, or misplacing your phone after a heavy night drinking, losing property is quite simply a fact of life. No matter how hard you strive to keep things in your possession, somehow fate always comes along and puts it in some obscure place nowhere to be found. That all might be a thing of the past however, if a robot being developed by Japanese electronics firm Hitachi ever becomes commonplace in residential homes.

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