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DARPA Creates Humanoid Robot That Jumps, Climbs And Avoids Obstacles With Ease


DARPA's most recent creation, the PET-PROTO Robot, has the capability to navigate such obstacles as climbing, jumping, and traversing a wall-to-wall hole in the floor.  The company says it's designed to perform complex tasks in "dangerous, degraded, human-engineered environments;" but the possibilities of outrunning Skynet are now lower than ever.

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Researchers Hoping To ‘Eliminate Death’ By 2045, Working On Humanoid Robot Avatars

It is estimated that a total of 55.3 million people die each year, equivalent to almost 2 every single second. Death is a fact of life, or so we thought. A project by the name of Russia 2045 is ambitiously attempting to conquer immortality in as little as 33 years by way of creating humanoid robots that have human personalities stored on artificial brains.

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Hajime Research is building a 4 metre tall robot

The people at Hajime Research have started on their path of creating increasingly taller robots than we humans, starting with a 13-foot humanoid.

This new iterative front for the company comes from the strategic goal of building a robot very much in the style of those from 'Gundam' Japanese anime: a 59-foot robot that will be the ultimate challenge, reached through gradual increases.

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