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Why I'm Buying The iPhone 5, And Why You'd Be Wise To Do So Too

The iPhone 5 wasn't the revolutionary device people anticipated.  I get that.  The feeling of solidarity through disappointment about the sizeable lack of innovation from the last generation (which had already stung many before with a near identical device compared to the year before that) has been felt by even those faithful solely to Apple.  This should have been the phone they announced in 2011.

So why do I find myself as one of the two million who ordered the phone within the hour?  After so many blog posts rallying against the purchase of the iPhone 5, recommending such a device is going to be an impossible task.

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Hot-Off-The-Press iPhone 5 Shown Off In New Video

Another day and yet another video showing off the new iPhone. But stay with us, because this might just be the most authentic-looking one yet, seeming to confirm everything we've heard about Apple's latest in one fell swoop. A taller screen? Check. A smaller dock connector, deeper 'home' button? You bet. And much slimmer, still, than the iPhone 4S.

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