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Apple Awarded Design Patent On A Rectangle With Rounded Corners

The US Patent and Trademark Office issued Apple a design patent on rectangular devices with rounded corners.  

Patent no. D670,286 pertains to the "ornamental" design of the iPad, and essentially covers a "Portable display device" that's a rounded rectangle.  While it will cover Apple's claims to innovating such a design, the usefulness of such a vastly broad patent is questionable.

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Google Confirms The Rumours, Nexus 10 Announced

We knew Google had something special up its sleeve, but the specifics of what it had in store were vague at best. But in a smorgasbord of announcements coming direct from the company in the wake of the cancellation of the much-anticipated Android event, we finally have confirmation. First up, a 10-inch tablet featuring a Retina Display-topping 2560 x 1600 resolution, boasted to be the “highest resolution tablet on the planet”. Say hello to the Nexus 10...

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iPad 3 Vs. iPad 4. What's Changed Exactly?


Last night must have been a bit of a blur for Apple fans the world over. Not only did Tim Cook and co. take to the stage to unveil the long-mooted iPad Mini, but the company revealed new upgrades to the iMac (calling it “the most beautiful iMac we have ever made”), Mac Mini and lifted the curtains on a 13-inch ‘Retina’ MacBook Pro. But there was yet one more announcement, and that was for the iPad 4.

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Has Microsoft's Surface Been Priced Out Of The Market?

'Tablet talk' is becoming ever-more regular around these parts. Sleek, black, slate-like tablet PC's seem to be everywhere these days. From the top-end range featuring Apple's iPad and Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 all the way down to the likes of ASUS's lovingly-refined Nexus 7 and Amazon's up and coming Kindle Fire HD, there's not a consumer electronic in sight that has appeared to have such an explosive arrival onto the scene.

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‘iPad Mini’ And 4G iPad 3 Rumoured To Be Announced Within Days

“7-inch tablets are tweeners: too big to compete with a smartphone, and too small to compete with an iPad. They are going to be DOA [Dead On Arrival].” So said ex-Apple CEO Steve Jobs during an Apple earnings call in October 2010, resolutely shunning any idea that the so-influential tech giant would follow suit of its competitors and opt for a smaller-sized tablet.

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Microsoft’s ‘Surface’ Tablet Is A Bigger Rival To The iPad Than You Think

Having been granted a favourable early look at Windows 8 late last year, we came away with high hopes for the future of Windows. We enthused how Microsoft’s latest operating system was “an OS for the age of the tablet PC” and how “if Windows 7 was the admirable yet flawed first chapter for Microsoft to claw back some of Apple’s dominance in the market, this [was] the climactic body of the fight.”

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Tangible's 'Spatially Aware Display' Is A Window Into The World Of Minority Report

It seems however financially or culturally successful Steven Spielberg’s 2002 neo-noir science-fiction film Minority Report proved to be, the concept designers and artists behind it will feel no greater reward in that their own vision of the future is ever so slightly influencing our own path in technology. From insect robots capable of recon missions, to facial recognition advertising billboards and, yes, crime prediction software

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An Interview With Ken Tomita: Co-Founder Of Grove

In a sea of smartphone case mediocrity, a search for something that doesn't make your phone look worse is a perilous one that rarely ends in a solution.  The end-product results fall into one of two categorys: a case with such a sheer determination for protection that the look and feel of materials isn't taken into consideration whatsoever, or an attempt to remain as inconspicuous as possible, which inevitably backfires due to a subpar design ethic.

That is where Grove comes in.

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How Tech Companies Are Turning Planned Obsolescence Into Planned Success

Planned obsolescence is far from a new idea in the world of consumer electronics – GM Motors were the first to introduce it to us in the 1920s, home-owners have been cursing the life-cycle of their washing machines ever since – but it’s becoming ever more of a distraction, at least for myself, where yearly release schedules contradict the hyperbole that works its way around the tech world, immediately following a press conference for the next big thing. Technology is no longer built to last.

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Apple Fires Back At Amazon For Acting Like Apple

On Thursday, two days after the Justice Department launched a lawsuit against Apple and various big book publishers for alledations of ebook price fixing, the tech company have responded saying they have done nothing wrong, and slammed Amazon for their "monopolistic grip" on the market at the same time.

Hypocriticism?  Yes.


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Five Charged In Case Of Boy Who Sold Kidney For iPhone

A surgeon and four others have been charged for illegal organ trading in China following an illicit transplant operation which took place last year on a teenage high-school student, who since has been taken critically ill and is suffering from kidney failure. But this is no ordinary case of illegal organ harvesting: the 17-year old high school student was propositioned to undergo the surgery on an online chat room and had intended to use his profits from selling one of his kidneys to buy, and we're not making this up, an iPhone and iPad.

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Panasonic's Jaw-Dropping 152” Full HD 3D TV Will Set You Back £600,000

Weighing in at a whopping 600kg and with a screen the same size as nine 50” screens stacked in three rows, Panasonic's 152” full HD, 3D plasma display is a TV of magnificent proportions. On sale within Harrods' new technology department, which launched March 16 to coincide with the new iPad launch, the monster plasma will set you back a cool £600,000.

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