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#NRMPresents 'SIMPLcase.' A Minimalist iPhone Case For Travelers

Anybody who regularly travels will know the pain of international data costs, or keeping track of international SIM cards to dodge these charges.  Luckily, 'SIMPLcase' is an iPhone 4/4S/5 case with a solution that is, as the name suggests, simple.  

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iPhone 4 Vs HTC Desire HD. Which Makes A Better Skipping Stone?

So we look at smartphone comparisons on Youtube, and they cover the usual suspects of specifications: camera, speed, build quality, etc.  The last thing we (and probably you) expected to see was a test of just how well these handsets skip across a lake.

That's exactly what this Chinese fellow did on Youtube.

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The Round-up: Half-life 3, exploding iPhone 4 and condoms

So this week's been pretty mighty in terms of the sheer amount of news we've had to write about, so allow us to condense it all into a handy set of links which will help navigate around the week's digest.  There was McGruff the Crime Dog, Carrier IQ (mobile phone tracking), a little printer, an iPhone 4 mysteriously blowing up, Facebook receiving all kinds of privacy-related hell, and a urinal gaming system...honestly.  Let's begin.

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So why did that iPhone 4 combust? Can it happen to you?

So the news has (understandably) gone massively viral overnight, as the report came in of a Regional Express flight passenger's iPhone 4 going a bit beserk: presenting "a significant amount of dense smoke, accompanied by a red glow."

Nobody was harmed and the flight attendant did his duty by promptly extinguishing the glow; but the big questions here need to be answered before I go anywhere near a plane with my iPhone: what happened?  And could the situation be symptomatic of all the iPhone 4s out there?

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iPhone 4 spontaneously combusts

It was your pretty standard Regional Express flight from Lismore to Sydney...well up until a passenger's mobile phone self-combusted shortly after landing.

Luckily the phone wasn't in the passenger's trouser pocket at the time, and no people on board were harmed.  After the plane landed, the iPhone started to glow red and emit a dense cloud of smoke, which the Flight Attendant was quick to extinguish.

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See how the iPhone camera has improved over the years

So the iPhone started as a phone that didn't really break a sweat over making an effort on the afterthought they called a camera.  Fast forward to the 4 and we have something that takes stunning photographs, and actually has a flash!  But how much has the camera improved since the first inception?  This is a question that Lisa Bettany has answered.

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