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#NRMPresents 'SIMPLcase.' A Minimalist iPhone Case For Travelers

Anybody who regularly travels will know the pain of international data costs, or keeping track of international SIM cards to dodge these charges.  Luckily, 'SIMPLcase' is an iPhone 4/4S/5 case with a solution that is, as the name suggests, simple.  

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Why I'm Buying The iPhone 5, And Why You'd Be Wise To Do So Too

The iPhone 5 wasn't the revolutionary device people anticipated.  I get that.  The feeling of solidarity through disappointment about the sizeable lack of innovation from the last generation (which had already stung many before with a near identical device compared to the year before that) has been felt by even those faithful solely to Apple.  This should have been the phone they announced in 2011.

So why do I find myself as one of the two million who ordered the phone within the hour?  After so many blog posts rallying against the purchase of the iPhone 5, recommending such a device is going to be an impossible task.

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Hot-Off-The-Press iPhone 5 Shown Off In New Video

Another day and yet another video showing off the new iPhone. But stay with us, because this might just be the most authentic-looking one yet, seeming to confirm everything we've heard about Apple's latest in one fell swoop. A taller screen? Check. A smaller dock connector, deeper 'home' button? You bet. And much slimmer, still, than the iPhone 4S.

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1-Bit Camera App Brings Game Boy Camera Nostalgia To iPhone

Ever missed using your Nintendo Game Boy camera attachment to capture black-and-white, extremely low-fi photography?  As nothing says 'socially trending' nowadays like a picture with an antique filter on it (hi Instagram), we would like to take you back to 1998 with the 1-Bit Camera app for iPhone.

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Merchants Selling ‘Sent From My iPhone’ Signatures To Online Chat Users

Can’t afford an iPhone and stuck with your long-defunct mobile, but still want others to believe that you are in fact amongst the ‘elite’ of mobile owners prestigious enough to own Apple’s £500 smartphone? Simple, fake it. That’s what merchants on China’s largest consumer-to-consumer online marketplace, Taobao, are offering prospective buyers, a service that grants the seller the rights to hack into the buyer’s QQ account –- an instant messaging service -– in order to attach a ‘Sent from my iPhone’ signature to every message sent thereafter, reports The Financial Times' Kathrin Hille.

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Apple On Track To Be World's Most Valuable Company After “Unimaginable” Quarterly Profits


CEO Tim Cook’s opening tenure at Apple has led the technology company to record first-quarter profits double those seen year-on-year of $13.1 billion (£8.4 billion). The results were labelled as “just unimaginable” by analysts, leading to Apple’s share price to jump 12% in aftermarket trading to more than $460 a share.

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Siri tells 12 year old to "Shut the f*ck up"

One particular aspect of Siri, beyond identifying the best locations to hide bodies, is the ability to instruct to refer to you as a name of your choice.  A feature that was exploited, as young Charlie Le Quense fell victim to a hurl of expletive abuse.

Shut the f*ck up, you ugly tw*t.

In-store gadget trolling hits a new level.  Regardless of the slight chuckle some people would share at the situation, you can't help but feel sorry for the kid in this situation, walking up to an iPhone 4S demo unit in his local Tesco (Coventry) and enquiring about how many people there are in the world, only to be told in a vulgar fashion to promptly be quiet.

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Siri turns 'Sirial Killer' in Holiday Horror Movie

Though Siri is at best a middling distraction on the iPhone 4S for most of us, it's nevertheless an incredible piece of technology. Advanced voice recognition, sophisticated artificial intelligence, a smattering of humorous responses... But what we didn't know is that Siri actually has a mind of its own and is on a mission to “kill the humans."  Something that we find out in this hilarious spoof movie trailer, 'Siri: The Holiday Horror Movie'.

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See how the iPhone camera has improved over the years

So the iPhone started as a phone that didn't really break a sweat over making an effort on the afterthought they called a camera.  Fast forward to the 4 and we have something that takes stunning photographs, and actually has a flash!  But how much has the camera improved since the first inception?  This is a question that Lisa Bettany has answered.

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How to own an iPhone, minus the obnoxious swagger

So you have the iPhone 4S, good.  But step out of the reality distortion field of owning an Apple cellular telephone and you start realise something: iPhone owners can be dicks when they want to be (I know because I can be).  So we've elected to lend a helping hand, and offer a few key steps on how to avoid looking like the pinnacle of douche-baggery.

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The Round-up: iPhone 4S, Windows 8, Batman and Frequency

So it's fair enough to say that the title speaks for itself as to what the top stories were.

We have our full review of the iPhone 4S (not quite the iPhone 5 we expected from  Simply put it's everything you expected it to be, which makes it one of the best smartphones on the market.  We also put the 4S through it's Deathgrip related paces to see how it fares up, and reviewed iOS5.  But there was more: lots more.

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