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Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs Biopic To Feature Just Three, 30 Min Scenes

You have to admire the ballsiness if nothing else, as screenwriter of The Social Network and The Newsroom creator Aaron Sorkin has revealed his intentions to structure the much-anticipated Steve Jobs biopic on top of just three 30-minute scenes, presented in real-time, at key Apple product launches.

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How Tech Companies Are Turning Planned Obsolescence Into Planned Success

Planned obsolescence is far from a new idea in the world of consumer electronics – GM Motors were the first to introduce it to us in the 1920s, home-owners have been cursing the life-cycle of their washing machines ever since – but it’s becoming ever more of a distraction, at least for myself, where yearly release schedules contradict the hyperbole that works its way around the tech world, immediately following a press conference for the next big thing. Technology is no longer built to last.

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Infographic of the day: iPod and iTunes Timeline
It's true what is said, the transforming of data into presentation can be done to a point that it begins to look like art.  This is a prime example of this.  Displaying the key items in the timeline of the iPod hardware and the iTunes software which integrated with it.  A clock chart iconifies all the key time landmarks, along with a few key facts about downloads and sales at the bottom.  An ideal output of the numbers from the Steve Jobs era of Apple products.  Thanks Filip Chudzinski!
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