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Fight As History's Greatest Scientists In 'Science Kombat'

Remember the awesome GIFs that reimagined history's greatest scientists as Street FightercharactersInteressante have kept their promise and turned it into a playable browser game, which goes by the name of Science Kombat.

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Move Over OnLive & Gaikai. A New Cloud-Based Gaming Provider Emerges.



Betamax versus VHS, VideoCD (VCD) versus DVD, HD-DVD versus Blu-Ray – the noted format wars of old have all arisen through a combination of technological and sociological factors. The ‘Videotape Wars’ of the 70’s was driven by companies’ hopes to find a standardised media format for recording TV. The dawn of the digital video era was contested between the cost-effective VCD and the superior quality of the DVD, while the transition to high-definition played host to the one of the fiercest format wars in HD-DVD and Blu-Ray’s tussle for supremacy. Now, we think we’ve found the cloud-gaming equivalent. 

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