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Engineer Builds A Real-Life Portal Turret

If ever there was a perfect defensive weapon, it would be a turret with a voice so soothing and design so minimalistically innocent, you feel guilty about murderously destroying it.  We have Portal to thank for that; but we are now one step closer to this being a reality, as a budding engineer has built a real-life version of this stationary weapon.

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The Descriptive Camera Turns Images Into A Text Description

We've seen camera innovations in the realm of increases in aperture, megapixel count, and improvements in the backside illuminated sensor.  But Matt Richardson has taken this in a somewhat different approach, creating a device that outputs text describing the image it can see.

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Researchers Create Universal Earphones That Can Tell Which Ear They Are In

Japanese researchers have developed a set of prototype headphones that use proximity sensors to detect the left and right ear, eliminating the need for user differentiation between earbuds, along with some other pretty nifty uses for the technology.

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MIT student builds an electric self-balancing unicycle

A rather fantastic DIY project to end the year: MIT student Stephan Boyer has built his own self-balancing electrical unicycle to roll with speed around the campus.

Called the "Bullet", the custom steel body holds two 7Ah 12-volt batteries, a 450-watt electric motor and an ATmega328 chip.  This gives the solowheel transport a range of 5 miles with a max speed of 15mph.  At that speed, it's not going to replace your daily commute; but it makes for the perfect round-campus mode of transportation, as the students in the video demonstration.

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