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'See-Through' Cars Might One Day Change The Way We Drive Forever


Being human, we find it difficult to accept defeat. We all like to think we're good drivers, a Lewis Hamilton incarnate of the school run if you will. But even so, admitting reversing is often times painfully difficult is easy, where you can never be entirely 100% sure that something or someone isn't just inches away from your rear bumper. Which is why researchers at Keio University in Tokyo are hard at work in developing a technology that could turn the rear of your car transparent for such occasions.

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Mercedes Creates ‘Invisible’ Car For Its Latest Marketing Campaign

We can only imagine a life in the world of marketing. A life in which we picture groups of creative-types huddled around a vast, bleach-white meeting room table darting ideas off each other, reminding every other person that thinking ‘outside the box’ is key to success. For every dozen or so marketing campaigns that crash and burn under their own ridiculousness - think Coca Cola's entire launch and subsequent withdrawal of 'New Coke' – there comes along one every so often that is so well thought-out it demands attention and ignites discussion.

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