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Gizmodo Films Co-Workers Gushing Over The 'New iPad' (It's Really An iPad 2)

Though revisions and re-launches of older hardware models is nothing new, at the current pace companies are getting through iterations, there is a definite feeling creeping in of feeling burnt-out by incremental updates to hardware/software or a combination of the two. Apple's new iPad will quite deservedly draw many people in with its super-crisp retina display (a 'resolution' in tablet PC's, as many are putting it), slightly better camera (who really takes photos or videos with their unwieldy iPad anyway), admittedly more powerful processor and 4G capabilities (the UK has no networks using such connectivity). But is that enough of a reason to make the jump from the iPad, let alone the iPad 2?

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Apple On Track To Be World's Most Valuable Company After “Unimaginable” Quarterly Profits


CEO Tim Cook’s opening tenure at Apple has led the technology company to record first-quarter profits double those seen year-on-year of $13.1 billion (£8.4 billion). The results were labelled as “just unimaginable” by analysts, leading to Apple’s share price to jump 12% in aftermarket trading to more than $460 a share.

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Samsung schools Apple with ad in Australia: "the tablet Apple tried to stop"

So as you probably may well know, Samsung and Apple have been in legal competition for a while in Australia, primarily over similar comparisons between the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the iPad 2.  Since the sales ban was lifted last week on Samsung, they've celebrated their victory in the local press.

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