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Syndicate Devs' Hidden Message Urges Pirates To Apply For Jobs

Novel ways to prevent piracy of videogames don't come along too often, but when they do it's usually worth discussing; from Digital Rights Management (DRM) to one-time use activation codes, Cloud Copy Protection (employed by Ubisoft, but currently on hiatus as seen with its absence in AC: Revelations), unstoppable mutant scorpion (used by Serious Sam 3: BFE dev Croteam to discourage early piraters of the game and everything in-between.

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Infographic: Awesome workplaces in Silicon Valley

So what would be the perks of landing a job at the likes of Facebook, Google, Twitter or Linkedin?

All the havoc of receiving flak about the Facebook Timeline getting you down?  How about club massages?  Or what about if the contradictions about Google+ make you sad?  Go hit the rock-climbing wall!  Or maybe even when promoted tweets start to make little-to-no sense?  Why not go grab free haircuts and car washes?  

And what about when you need to take time out of the busy lifestyle to eat?  Since the regular cafeteria burgers is never enough, celebrate the gift of expense with the top chefs in silicon valley cooking you fine European cuisine (this is the U.S. transcript, we on the other hand fail to see the 'fine-ness' of European cooking).  Along with videogames, field trips, games of baseball and ping-pong to tap off what can only be described as the perfect day of work.  See our infographic of the day for more, courtesy of Resumebear.

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