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Space Invaders with real lasers is as delightfully dangerous as you'd imagine

What happens when you turn Space Invaders into a live action game, complete with an actual fire hazard? We've already seen one recent clip bringing video games into real-life, which seemed fine up until Adam Sandler showed up. But Maker Martin Raynsford has restored the dream using paper invaders, Arduino and a laser cutter.

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Global Mission To Destroy Space Debris Under Way. Nets, Harpoons And Lasers Could Be Used

With approximately 27,000 pieces of space debris orbiting the Earth, the European Space Agency has declared an urgency to take them out and protect our planet and crucial communications satellites.  How do they plan to do this?  Weapons of choice vary from nets and harpoons, to suicide robots.

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University Team Create Hi-Res 3D Camera Using Lasers

Not content with claiming our movies and our televisions, 3D is now taking our photographs with a camera system that creates 3D images using lasers from over a kilometre away. And that's no fuzzy blurry image either. From over 1000 metres this camera can snap crisp, high-definition images that are accurate to the millimetre.

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The World’s Most Powerful Lasers Set To Tear Apart The Vacuum Of Space-Time Itself

Hoping to conjure enough energy that it ought to be able to pull “virtual” particles out of the vacuum of space-time – quantum mechanics implies that space-time can never truly be ‘empty’ – the Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI) project is an undeniably tantalising (yet mind-numbingly complex) prospect.

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US Army Tests 50 Billion Watt Lightning Bolt Laser Weapon

Imagine a weapon capable of firing 50 billion watt-powered laser-guided lightning bolt targets at enemies, and able to put out more power during the duration of the laser pulse than what a large city needs. While that might sound reminiscent of advanced warfare videogame or high-concept blockbuster, the device is in fact entirely real and has already been through extensive testing by the US armed forces.

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MIT builds a Camera that shoots at the speed of light

The MIT media lab researchers have created a camera which captures at a shutter speed of one trillion frames per second, meaning it can actually record the travelling of photons of light between points.

The team hit the breakthrough taking a picture of a laser beam as it passed through a fizzy drink bottle, using a sophisticated system with a modified Streak Tube to intensify the photons and a pretty beasty-sized camera.  The footage that was captured required multiple hundreds of takes of the same experiment, creating quite a beautiful stop motion film of multiple beams of light reflecting through the bottle, collecting in the cap and dispersing.

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