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Microsoft Investigating Halo 4 Leak

He might be one of the most bad-ass, cybernetically-enhanced super-soldiers we've ever seen, but it seems even Master Chief himself isn't invulnerable to a spot of piracy. Reports are flooding in from numerous online forums from gamers claiming to already have their hands on the long-awaited fourth chapter in the Halo series, Halo 4.

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Is This Really The Samsung Galaxy S III? 'Tinhte' Goes Hands-On

Before you all cry foul that yet another Samsung Galaxy S III alleged leak has been spotted and feel implied to scroll further down this page for a link to the next story, hear me out here. Now I'm as tired of ill-informed rumours as the next man, but this might well be the most authentic early look at Samsung's long-awaited follow-up to the crazily-popular Galaxy S II. Still two weeks from its official reveal, Vietnamese site has had extensive hands-on time with what it claims to be the S III, and has posted a rather thorough demonstration video online.

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