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Snapchat Will Let Users Create Their Own On-Demand Geofilters For A Price

Location-based filters have become one of Snapchat's key features, allowing users to jazz up their photos and videos with a sense of place. This has been open for community submissions since December 2014, but today they are expanding the program in an attempt to make some money. Users and businesses can now pay to create a temporary custom pay to create a temporary custom geofilter for their events.

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UnoTelly Service Review

Let's address the elephant in the room. There is a vast plethora of TV content beyond our grasp in the UK: either available to us many months later, or via the many illegal streaming sites which have sprouted to tackle the issue.  The amount of location content locks we come across can become a little more than annoying.  It's at this point that I introduce you to UnoTelly.

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Have Facebook tell you where you want to go with Suggested Events

Feeling entrapped by the grasp of social media?  Facebook keeping you in the house for too long?  Why not use the power of networked communities, your check-ins, friends and stated interests to suggest events for you to attend with the newly implemented Suggested Events.

The new feature replaces the 'Friends Events' down to where you'd find it on the menu, so it's relatively easy to find; but we've seen it available on some and not others (maybe a slow roll-out).

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