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Why I'm Buying The iPhone 5, And Why You'd Be Wise To Do So Too

The iPhone 5 wasn't the revolutionary device people anticipated.  I get that.  The feeling of solidarity through disappointment about the sizeable lack of innovation from the last generation (which had already stung many before with a near identical device compared to the year before that) has been felt by even those faithful solely to Apple.  This should have been the phone they announced in 2011.

So why do I find myself as one of the two million who ordered the phone within the hour?  After so many blog posts rallying against the purchase of the iPhone 5, recommending such a device is going to be an impossible task.

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Apple To Use 'Spy Planes' And Military-Grade Cameras To Build Its In-House 3D 'Maps' App

Instead of relying on Google to power its to-date preloaded map software on iDevices, Apple has been keen to discuss recently its development of a brand new in-house 'Maps' application that will go in direct opposition to Google's long-standing software. But with Google since committing to broadening the gaze of Google Earth from the streets (Street View was first released in 2007) to off-road, inaccessible areas and in providing 3D coverage of major metropolitan areas, Apple must follow suit.

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CoD 4 and MW2 Map files found in Modern Warfare 3?

So Reddit user SMKTZ found five maps from the original Modern Warfare and it's second iteration hidden away in Modern warfare 3's game files.

This has been a historically regular occurence with the previous titles in the series, with file extension-related 'hints' to recreated homages to previous famous multiplayer maps of old.  This time around, we have 4 maps from original and one from the second: Crash, Crossfire, Strike, Overgrown and Highrise.  

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