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Editorial: Grief Should Not Be Social


Ever had that unswallowable lump in the back of your throat as you watch something terrible happen?  Upon watching the details slowly unfold about the Batman premiere shooting in Aurora on Friday, it's fair to say that many more than myself probably felt this.  A tense few hours of reports commenced, showing the true strength of social media in keeping the planet perfectly synchronised in referrence to any event, and bringing a community together in condolence lending.

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Editorial: Google+ is not a social media game changer

So New York Times bestselling author Chris Brogan has made some pretty bold claims as to the state of Google+ via an interview with Mashable. 

Google+ has an obvious advantage in search results, presents unique opportunities for brands and is backed by deep pockets, he argues. And all of these factors make it a social media platform that will stick around in a big way.

In respects, his argument for the social network succeeding make sense.  Comparing it to Facebook at such an early stage in development is the equivalent of comparing the aforementioned to Myspace back in 2006: it's still rather early days, and has a lot of changes to undergo.  But in it's current state, Brogan pointed out the crucial flaw with Google+ through via one of his points deemed as a positive.

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Infographic: A History of Western Typefaces
We've always seen ourselves to be fans of Comic Sans, which always brings us great pain whenever we hear such hatred of it; but we see it clearly in the historybooks of modern typography, and are then disgusted to see the Ban Comic Sans website.  It's an insult to what is an under-appreciated font.  Guess you can take a look at all these other fonts in one of our favourite infographics of the moment, courtesy of Mashable. 
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Infographic of the day: Facebook by the numbers

You likely know that Facebook is the world’s largest social network with more than 800 million users. But what about how many people look at their ex's Facebook profiles?  The amount of people that play Facebook?  Or how many links about sex are shared?

Check out what makes Facebook and its users tick with our Infographic of the day.  Thanks Mashable!


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