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Science Fiction Turning Into Science Fact

I may be a poor graduate; but the savings are still on course to help me afford my Mattel Hoverboard in 2015. A mere three years to go and I can purchase the one item which ultimately captured my complete childhood amazement in Back to the Future.  I just hope they bring out one that isn’t pink because I want them to match my Nikes.

Aspirations of levitation aside, it’s astounding how many (so-called) fictional inventions are coming strangely close to existence. Technology is advancing at an astounding rate and inventions that seemed impossible in the recent past are being developed right now. Think about it this way: You’re reading this on a device that has more computing power than they used to land on the moon back in 1969. Imagine what can be done now.

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A 'Back To The Future' Hoverboard That Actually Hovers

So not too long ago, Mattel officially announced the release of their hoverboard which featured in Back to the Future II, giving many-a-nerd such as myself a profound sense of pride.  Not so impressed that it doesn't actually hover though; but that's where one genius has brought us closer to the realisation of our dream.

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Mattel To Officially Release The ‘Back To The Future’ Hoverboard

We might still be some time off street-engulfing holographic 3D advertisements, flux capacitors, flying cars and self-drying clothing, but there’s more to Back To The Future’s imagining of 2015 that caught the eye. How about the self-lacing Nike MAG sneakers, the DeLorean’s home energy reactor Mr. Fusion, and the then-and-now-iconic Mattel hoverboard featured throughout the BTTF sequels?

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