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New Rising Media Now Available On Google Currents

New Rising Media is now available on your smartphone through Google Currents.  

The one feature request asked for most by our readers is mobile optimisation.  With great stories, why not make them available on-the-go? Well, that may be coming sooner than you think; but we are now on one of the slickest news reading apps on iOS and Android.

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Angry Birds To Receive Its Very First UK Theme Park, In Retford...

Angry Birds truly is taking over the world. The brand is literally everywhere you look; from lunch boxes, to backpacks, toys, plushies and the birds' very own cartoon series. Heck, even F1 and Caterham’s Heikki Kovaleinen sports the face of the angered red fowl. But that isn’t all, because the Angry Birds phenomenon has swept across the world with licensed theme parks. Now, the UK is set to welcome its very own.

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Windows 7 comes to iPad thanks to OnLive App

We never thought we’d see the day, but Microsoft’s Windows 7 OS is now available to iPad owners after cloud gaming service OnLive has designed and readied an app for Apple’s market-leading tablet that allows you to use the PC giant’s first operating system partly designed for use with touch-screens. To accommodate the iPad’s touch controls even further, the user-interface has been tweaked to allow for pinch-to-zoom and flick-to-scroll controls.

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