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Money Is The Death Of Social Media

Do you ever get the feeling when talking to someone unaware of the concept of a socially connected online world (the Grandmother in my example), that they just don't understand the value of social media?  The idea, while seeming wholly legitimate to yourself just seems preposterous to them, no matter how much you demonstrate or present.

This sort of thing happens on the trading floors of NASDAQ as well; but the interpretation is quite the opposite, as you've probably seen from the tumbling stock price of Facebook, since Zuckerberg rang the bell.  As investors look upon a social network they don't see community, they see influence and a possible return on their investment.  This is a fair enough analysis of the situation, anybody would want to see their money returned with extra; but in the grand scheme of things it's a fatal blow to the very product they're investing in.

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Infographic of the day: Michael Bay

Lets be honest, even though the simple title "Infographic of the day" seems menial enough, the fact that the name "Michael bay" has been put just a colon and space to the right of it just makes the whole affair seem more epic.

But enough of that, we know the first thing anyone thinks about when they hear of Bay is the explosions.  How many have their been in the history of his film-making career?  And what is the correlation between the amount of explosions, and the amount of money his films make?  These are questions that Kyle Vanhove answered in our Infographic(s) of the day. 

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