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Black Moth Super Rainbow - Cobra Juicy Review

Like BMSR's previous efforts this is a hazy, sedative affair which leaves you feeling like you've received an injection of pure fruit matter.

The tracks have names like 'Dreamsicle Bomb', 'Psychic Love Bomb' and 'Hairspray Heart', and I can't be sure whether this is satirical or not. BMSR are a band I enjoy in short bursts, which is especially relevant here as this album's accessibility renders it repetitive.


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David Byrne & St. Vincent - Love This Giant Review

'Love This Giant' is, for the most part, even more than you could have expected from a collaboration between artists as accomplished and peculiar as these. Due to the centrality of the brass band its tone never strays too far from the whimsical and jubilant, although it does frequently reintroduce the ethereal elements from St. Vincent's last album 'Strange Mercy', which serve as a great counterpoint.

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Japandroids - Celebration Rock review

Japandroids' sophomore LP 'Celebration Rock' starts the way it finishes: with the sound of fireworks. As the title suggests, this album is a celebration -- of youth, energy and aimless defiance that often evokes a sense of pensive longing for either the future or the past, depending on your age.


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Death Grips: The Money Store Review

The Money Store is the first of two albums to be released this year by Death Grips, the Sacramento-based hip-hop trio comprised of vocalist Stefan Burnett (a.k.a. MC Ride) and producers Andy Morin (a.k.a Flatlander) & Zach Hill (of Hella/Team Sleep fame). The group released their debut mix-tape 'Exmilitary' online for free in April 2011, which generated a decent amount of buzz owing to its experimental, aggressive and idiosyncratic sound defined by eclectic sampling, Ride's borderline rabid vocal delivery and glitchy, complex beats.

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