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A New Insight Into A Harvard Scientists' Bid For Immortality

Self-described “outlandishly futuristic thinker” and post-doctoral scientist at Harvard Ken Hayworth believes that he can live forever. Described in the article ‘The Strange Neuroscience of Immortality’ by Evan R. Goldstein, Hayworth theorises that the day will come where his ‘consciousness’ will be “revived on computer” after death, and predicts that by 2110 mind uploading – the transfer of a biological brain to a silicon-based operating system – will “be as common as laser eye surgery is today”.

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Brain Scan Can Predict How Sexually Active You'll Be And How Fat You'll Get

A team of researchers have successfully been able to predict a person's weight gain and sexual activity, from the use of MRI scans, giving you a heads up in advance to just how many charms of temptation you may fall for (be it fatty foods or sexual conquests).

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How Neuroscience Might Define A New Age Of Warfare
In what sounds only fit for the pages of a high-concept Tom Clancy novel, experts have speculated on what shape the future of military conflict might take if current advances in neuroscience continue to break new ground. Experts revealed how it might be possible to direct energy weapons that use wave beams to cause pain and distress to its target, pilot drone aircraft directly with the human brain, or use ‘electrical brain stimulation’ to boost a solider’s combat abilities. They also divulged how advances made in neuroimaging could potentially be used by military recruitment officers to ‘screen’ hopefuls with only the most desirable of attributes.
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