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Nintendo 2DS Announced. New 'Entry-Level' Handheld Console Without 3D

Nintendo has unveiled a new low-cost version of the 3DS that plays games in 2D.  It will be released in the UK on October 12th for £109.99, according to pricing by GAME.  This is probably one of the more confusing product decisions we've seen from the company in recent times, including the Wii-U.

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Pokémon X And Y Announced For Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo have announced Pokémon X and Y, the next instalments of the massively popular series, coming to 3DS worldwide in October. These are the first entries to be fully 3D, a dream amongst many-a-trainer.

A 90-second trailer has been released in which our beloved friend Pikachu, standing on top of what looks like the Eiffel tower, seemingly electrocutes the entire planet, presumably to zap some teaser game footage into our heads.

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Nintendo Announces The Wii Mini

Hot on the heels of the US launch of the Wii U (we're due to get hands-on with the console this Friday), Nintendo has lifted the curtain on a brand-new redesign of its predecessor, the Wii. Named the Wii Mini, Nintendo has so far been hesitant to reveal territories it will go on sale, with only a Canadian release on December 7 thus far confirmed. Still, just in time for the holidays, it's a pretty neat package.

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Monumental eBay Videogame Collection Sells For €1 Million

As videogame collections go, few would be able to match this frankly staggering listing by eBay seller collectors_king (a well-deserved moniker, if ever there was one). In full, the sale includes all games ever released for Nintendo home systems (from the Famicom to Gamecube), all games ever released for Sega systems, and every single game for NEC systems – all ‘factory sealed’. And now, it has sold, for a truly staggering €999,999.99 with €1,000 shipping charge.

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Nintendo E3 2012 Press Conference LIVE

The last of the 'big three' press conferences is almost upon us. Set to deliver where last year's E3 confused Wii U announcement did not, Nintendo has to come onto the E3 2012 stage with purpose, a demonstrable intelligence for its audience and, most importantly, with a desire to entertain from the get go.

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Editorial: Shut up Michael Pachter. Nobody cares and you're wrong anyway.

For those uninitiated, Michael Pachter is a high profile gaming research analyst who provides opinions and predictions as to how the video game market will metaphorically swell and fade.

I have nothing against the man himself, I think his Twitter argument with Jamie Kennedy was hilarious. There is, however, one issue.  Built upon the foundations of a business M.B.A and years of credibility gaining with Forbes, what you find is someone who has managed to make a worthwhile living through either stating the obvious or being wrong.

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