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Nokia Lumia 925 Announced

Nokia have announced the Lumia 925, their latest flagship Windows Phone 8 smartphone, at today's event in London.

Following all previous rumours, and yesterday's leaked images, the Finnish smartphone maker has finally taken the official wraps off the phone.  It's quite similar in design cues to the previous models in the Lumia line, but it has a twist: it's made from aluminium.  The rear of the device is still made from polycarbonate, and the front is a pane of glass; but the aluminium surround marks a new shift for Nokia's material-centric design.

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Nokia Patents Tattoos That ‘Vibrate’ When Receiving A Call

Nokia’s fall from grace as one of the market-leading mobile handset manufacturers seemingly hasn’t led the Finnish phone company to reign in any of its far-reaching aspirations in innovation. The company has recently applied for the most unlikely of patents: tattoos that can sense when your mobile phone is ringing or has received a text message, literally ‘vibrating’ to let the handset’s owner know to pick it up.

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'Snake The Planet': Taking Classic 8-Bit Gaming To The Side Of Buildings

It's likely you're all familiar with the simple, classic, yet oh-so-addictive game 'Snake' by now. First introduced to arcades in the late 1970s, it was when mobile phone manufacturer Nokia began pre-loading the game onto its old monochrome-display phones when it exploded into the public consciousness, where it has remained ever since. Now, a team of media artists and computational designers – known by the name Mobile Projection Unit (you'll see why) – are taking the classic game one step further, and in a very big way – the side of buildings big.

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Nokia Lumia 900 announced

Nokia's Stephen Elop has taken the stage at the CES 2012 keynote and announced the third device in the Lumia portfolio: the Nokia Lumia 900.

Singing from a near identical hymn sheet to the Lumia 800 and the N9 in respects to product design, only bigger.  The same polycarbonate design is back; but the 900 has some rather impressive specs for it's America-exclusive debut:

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Nokia: solar charging mobile phones are possible but not ready yet


The results from Nokia's solar charging experiment are in, and while it is possible to juice up your phone via the Sun's rays, it's nowhere near consistent enough yet.

For the experiment, Nokia have used their C1-02 (one of their millions of dumbphones), attached solar panels onto the back, and sent them to a variety of countries over the last six months.  Five participants were selected from across the world: two in the Arctic Circle, one in Southern Sweden, one in Kenya, and one in the Baltic Sea, each with varying lifestyles and varying weather conditions to give this a fair shot.

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Nokia Lumia line announced + specs

It's basically an N9 altered for Windows phone 7.  Nokia have just announced the Lumia 800 and 710 at their Nokia World 2011 keynote, representing their first device on Microsoft's platform.  

If there's one thing we can take away from this, it's that Nokia still make (arguably) the best phone hardware on the market.  You've probably already seen the N9 on the high street; but without the cartoon OS that is Meego and the Metro UI bringing some grace to the display instead, it manages to accentuate just how beautiful the hardware truly is.

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