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Nottingham-Based Web Agency Sponsors Magento Developer's Paradise

If one mentions a three day party in Ibiza, the images you can’t help but conjure up are ones of drunk, sun-burnt teenagers drinking fluorescent coloured liquids until they pass out.  However, somewhat defying all stereotypes of those who party in Ibiza, the island is playing host to Magento Developer’s Paradise conference, with the promise this year will bring “lots of code and fun in the sun.”

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Lucky Charms Sifter keeps your breakfast awesome

I think it's unanimously agreeable to think that the single greatest cereal made is Lucky Charms (with Frosted Shreddies and Weetos in a close joint second).  But as is with all nutritional morning meals, the marshmallowey beauty is somewhat destroyed by actual cereal held within the confines of the box.  This is where we'd like to introduce Lombardi's Lucky Charms Sifter.

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Infographic of the day: A Costume for every era

Struggling with what to wear for Halloween?  Your choice of attire to Halloween at Rock City being a brain-teaser?  Facing a writers block-esque sensation of selecting appropriate costume for the Lincoln Halloween weekend befuddling you?  We'd like to help!  Here's a costume for every era of history all the way up to the 2010s, courtesy of Halloween express.

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Appeals by Facebook rioters rejected. Sentenced to 4 years

Jordan Blackshaw and Perry Sutcliffe-Keenan had their appeals to the court rejected, as they were sentenced to 4 years at her Majesty's pleasure, for the incitement of rioting via Facebook.  Lawyers claimed for this to be "Manifestly excessive," whereas the Lord Judge saw it differently

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Mayhem returns to Nottingham

Nottingham's creative quarters turn to the strange and scary as the Mayhem Horror Film Festival returns, with a myriad of extreme cinematic horror exultations. 

From the BAFTA winning pictures to the best of disturbing Asian cinema, played at Midnight just to add that extra atmosphere, the Broadway cinema has an impressive selection for your perousal from the 27th-31st October.  Same as usual: best costumes win prizes, talks with directors and outbursts of laughter and applause and the most implausible of deaths.

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How to start a club night

The idea of starting a clubnight is a rather simple execution nowadays.  Any teenager with a laptop, a large iTunes collection of torrents can say they're a DJ, even though their claim destroys the definition of the term.  So long as you have friends, a Facebook account, an overdraft to procure initial costs and patience, you'll be sorted.  Here's how:

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