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Infographic of the day: The Science of Peer Pressure
We've all been in that position as socially awkward individuals: wanting to win in the social setting by caving into what the majority think instead of sticking out like a metaphorical sore thumb.  But what biological process occur to get to this decision of keeping to the codes and conventions.  It turns into an infograph-ad for One block off the grid's solar energy plans; but it also pushes across the science of peer pressure in social norm marketing: breaking the pseudo-norms, being the individual or the aforementioned metaphorical sore thumb is what we like.  Our infographic of the day.
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Infographic of the day: The History of Beer
So after various Twitter debates and blogging I like to sit down with a Beer, and I'm pretty sure many of you do too.  But what about the history of the wonderful beverage?  Where did those drinks on tap and reduced in price for the masses on a student night actually originate?  Find out in our Infographic of the day, courtesy of 600series design.
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