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See The Moon Through Neil Armstrong's Eyes With Beautiful Panoramic

It is with deep regret that we happened to learn of the death of Neil Armstrong this past weekend. Leaving behind an incredible legacy as being the very first man to step foot on the surface of the Moon, what better way to remember the man who made the ‘giant leaps for mankind’ than with Danish photographer Hans Nyberg’s incredible Apollo 11 interactive panorama.

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Explore NASA’s Space Shuttle ‘Discovery’ In Stunning 2.74-Gigapixel 360° Panoramics

Launched by NASA in 1984 and taking part in milestone NASA missions thereafter – including deploying the Hubble Space Telescope in April 1990, and the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS) in September 1991 – space shuttle Discovery today makes its final flight, atop a jumbo jet on its way to its new permanent home, to its final resting place the Smithsonian Institution. Now, the National Geographic is giving an all-too rare look inside the heat-proof shell of the craft, publishing online interactive ultra-high resolution, 360-degree pictures of the retired orbiter.

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