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Game Dev Tycoon "Cracked" Version Unleashes Ironic Trick On Pirates

Game Dev Tycoon, a game about developing games, saw a cracked version released to several torrent sites, and pirates everywhere dipped in for a slice of fun pie. However, the "cracked" version was actually released by the Game Dev Game Devs themselves, and features a nasty surprise - anyone playing the pirated version will quickly find the game unplayable as every game they release is pirated into oblivion.

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Virginia Man Handed $1.5 Million Fine For Sharing 10 Adult Movies

In a court case that has resulted in the largest ever damages penalty awarded in a BitTorrent case, a court in Illinois has ordered a man from Hampton, Virginia to pay $1,500,000 ($1.5 million) to adult entertainment company Flava Works for sharing just 10 of its gay porn movies on the popular file-sharing website.

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Syndicate Devs' Hidden Message Urges Pirates To Apply For Jobs

Novel ways to prevent piracy of videogames don't come along too often, but when they do it's usually worth discussing; from Digital Rights Management (DRM) to one-time use activation codes, Cloud Copy Protection (employed by Ubisoft, but currently on hiatus as seen with its absence in AC: Revelations), unstoppable mutant scorpion (used by Serious Sam 3: BFE dev Croteam to discourage early piraters of the game and everything in-between.

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MegaUpload Founder arrested. Anonymous takedown Justice Department and record label website in response

So Megaupload has been in and about the news, since the odd promotional music video, starring artists who said they have nothing to do with the video (making for a paradox of sorts).  Things got more serious for the company and it's founder, Kim Dotcom, after the United States Justice Department filed charges against the site and had the man at Dotcom arrested.

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Microsoft to Sue Comet for selling '94,000 counterfeit copies of Windows'

UK electronics retailer, Comet, is being taken to court by Microsoft for allegedly creating and selling unauthorised copies of its Windows operating systems.

Microsoft claim that the retailer created more than 94,000 Windows recovery discs for Vista and XP, and sold them to customers.  They were sold between March of 2008 and December 2009, and while Comet sold this as an added extra to customers who wished to restore their computers to original configuration in the event of problems, the Redmond based technology company claim this is unfair to the consumer.

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IP crimes=child labour and murder. McGruff the Crime Dog said so

The Department of Justice and McGruff the Crime Dog have released their latest media campaign yesterday, targeting the wide world of piracy.

The campaign ties the aforementioned piracy and counterfeiting to to rather unwanted outcomes such as drug trafficking, gang violence, child labour, and the usual suspects of the industry.

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