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'Live-Action Toy Story Project' Recreates Full-Length Pixar Film With Real Live Toys

Jonason Paule and Jesse Perrotta have been working for the past three years on the 'Live-Action Toy Story Project.' A recteation of the entire film in real life.  And after receiving confirmation that Pixar would not sue them for everything they had for releasing it, the film is now live! 

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Guy Spends Two Years Building Life-Size, Working WALL-E

It’s a testament to Pixar’s immense talent as an animation studio that it is able to bring such heart, emotion and unbridled cuteness to a mute, rusting trash compactor. For California-based robotics enthusiast Mike Senna, WALL-E deserved to exist outside of the realms of Disney animation…

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Dolby Promises “Powerful New Listening Experience” With 'Atmos', To Debut With Pixar's Brave

You can have your high-definition projector, 5.1 surround sound Blu Ray player set-ups and a smorgasbord of discs to enjoy in your own home, but for the greatest movie-going experience, nothing quite matches the local multiplex. Now, Dolby is all set to roll-out its brand-new sound system ‘Atmos’ in cinemas, beginning with Disney Pixar’s Brave, that provides cinema-goers with a sound unequalled by the standard surround sound set-up; not least through its use of speakers in the ceiling.

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