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Pokémon X And Y Announced For Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo have announced Pokémon X and Y, the next instalments of the massively popular series, coming to 3DS worldwide in October. These are the first entries to be fully 3D, a dream amongst many-a-trainer.

A 90-second trailer has been released in which our beloved friend Pikachu, standing on top of what looks like the Eiffel tower, seemingly electrocutes the entire planet, presumably to zap some teaser game footage into our heads.

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Weekend Reading: Gadget Show Live Christmas, Real-Life Transformers And Portal On A Calculator

Let's be honest, it's a Sunday and everyone is feeling one of two conditions: hungover or extremely lazy.  Since I'm feeling both of these, I shall be brief.  The last thing you want to do is go on a content discovery mission through our vast back catalogue of original news, reviews, interviews and features.  So, with this in mind, welcome to 'Weekend Reading.'

This is a selection of pieces on New Rising Media from the week gone by, compiled by the Editor-in-chief (the hungover man, me), which you may have missed, or fancy reading again.

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Pokemon Finally Enters The App Store, And Is Swiftly Removed...

Nintendo’s claims to the globally-recognised Pokémon gaming brand looked to be rocking as an unofficial Pokémon game was the first of its kind to enter Apple’s App Store for download onto iOS devices earlier this week. Titled Pokémon - Pocket Edition, little did purchasers of the $5 app know – described as “marking the Pokémon series’ glorious debut on the App Store [that] lets you verse and play as everyone’s favourite Pokémon, Pikachu, around awesome lands” – was nothing more than a scam and an illegitimate app that featured no actual gameplay, only screen captures of other Pokémon games.

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