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NOFX - Self-Entitled Review

NOFX are one of those rare bands with whom more of the same is never a bad thing. Although this release eschews some of the more pop orientated elements of 2009's 'Coaster', pretty much everything you've come to expect from them is present here: Mell Yells, El Hefe's copious use of the wah pedal, acerbic lyricism and that stupidly quick bass drum pattern that Erik "Smelly" Sandin always uses. 

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An Interview With Frank Turner

For a large section of artists currently residing at the head of the UK music charts, mainstream popularity and chart success might well be the result of riding the success of a single hit record, perhaps the fame associated with a certain audition-based reality TV show or, different still, riding the wave of current musical tastes and trends. But for English folk-punk singer-songwriter Frank Turner, it means something else entirely.

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