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MG Siegler: "Links From The Wall Street Journal Mean Dick"

The latest controversy surrounding former TechCrunch editor MG Siegler erupted when the Wall Street Journal wrote about Apple' acquisitions startup Chomp without citing MG Siegler's source article. MG, justifiably enraged, published a long tirade on parislemon, his personal blog. What's most interesting about his post is a choice quote from the middle: "I honestly do not care if WSJ links to TechCrunch at all. I’ve been doing this a long time — one thing I know for certain: a link from WSJ means dick. Basically no one clicks through."

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Google Engineer posts apology for "Great-Granddaddy of Reply-All Screwups”

“Last week I accidentally posted an internal rant about service platforms to my public Google+ account (i.e. this one),” Google engineer Steve Yegge writes in his apologetic blog post. “Bagging on the company, even in an internal memo, was uncharacteristically unprofessional of me. So I’ve been feeling pretty guilty for the past week.”

So what was this muck up of sorts? Not too long ago, he posted a 5000 word update on his G+ account (intended for internal employees which ended up going public) which really slams Amazon on it's flaws and Google's inability to understand platforms.

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